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How Accessible Are We?

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Our recent Accessibility Assessment Report evaluating 266 websites for being accessible to people with disabilities as per the Web Contact Accessibility Guidelines WCAG 2.1. The Report assesses websites of:

  • 100 Top Listed Companies

  • 103 Top Universities

  • 60 Government   Departments and Ministries

  • 3 Industry Associations.


- Only 18% Universities accessible; 27% partially accessible and a whopping 55%

are inaccessible; Thapar University of Engineering and Technology fairing the


- Among Corporates, 30% are accessible, 23% partially accessible and 47%

inaccessible; State Bank of India as the most accessible website.

- Among Government Departments and Ministries 13% are accessible, 47% partly

accessible and 40 % not accessible; Ministry of Electronics & Telecommunications

- MEITY is the ONLY fully accessible website, not just among Government websites

but all 266 that were assessed !

- The Most Accessible Educational Institute is Thapar Institute of Technology & Engineering

- The Most Accessible Corporate website is that of the State Bank of India.

Access the Report here ( non accessible version)

The Accessible version of the complete report is available for download below:

Accessibility Report Acc
Download PDF • 1.19MB

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